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What do I Bring to my Team?

A team is a group of people united to carry out the work of ministry together, carrying out the Father’s plans. They come together to edify each other, to create synergy among its members, to grow and to develop in life.

You are important.
You are a person chosen by the Father to be part of your team. You are called to play your part in making your team stronger, more gifted and more intelligent because of what you bring to it. Your team is responsible for bearing fruit, and that its fruit will remain.

Role and function within the team:

As a child of God, having the right vision of your role and responsibility within the team is key to supplying it with what it needs, stimulating your team to discover and be empowered in the Father’s true design for it.

Let’s look at some points to help you be all that you are and connect with your team members with the proper perspective.
Each of these statements is written in first person, present verb tense, so that you can evaluate if you have been successful in recognizing the value of being chosen by God to be part of the team to which you belong. Honor attracts and brings out the best in people, transforming environments, by having your eyes set on the things above.





Ten affirmations that should be part of your life so that your team does not suffer loss:

1. I come to the Team meeting with the expectation of sharing with my teammates, willing to invest in relationships and strengthen bonds.  My vision is set on team relationships, not just on my relationship with my team leader, and the mere obligation to be present.
2. My body language communicates my desire to be present and share with everyone. I am intentional in demonstrating my interest in each team member.
3. My gestures demonstrate empathy, genuine interest in what is being shared, and total attention to whose speaking. I am intentional in expressing something that can help another team member grow or understand something, avoiding any appearance of pride, belittling or lack of patience.
4. I see all that is good about my team and do not focus on what is wrong, or where we need to grow. I see the team with the same perspective as the Father sees it and celebrate who we are and where we are going.
5. My verbal communication reveals a heart predisposed to the Father’s interests. My outlook has a perspective “from above”, always looking from the spiritual sphere, with a sure faith that whatever the Father wants us to do, we can accomplish. I avoid giving a bad report, misfocusing and being a bad influence.
6. I understand that my team is my safety net and I build close relationships so that I can trust them.
7. I understand that each member has something to impart to me; I expect from them only the grace of God that has been placed within their lives to contribute to mine. I do not try to mold people into the image of who “I think” they should be, but give them the freedom to be transformed into the image of Christ.
8. I am open to sharing my joys and accomplishments, as well as those areas where I need the support of others.
9. I enjoy my team and have developed a family heart for them. I honor the time spent together.
10. I value each member of my team and I am intentional in praying and declaring for their lives, as well as for the team as a whole. I am sensitive to their needs.

Becoming aware of having the right perspective of your team will help you develop and increase the image of the Father within you. Your Team reflects you, and you will only benefit from it, according to what you have invested in it.

Let’s develop outstanding teams with the same essence of the Father’s love, and let us live as the mature children we are. Our world needs us. Our world needs teams designed by the Father, who believe Him and do great exploits.

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